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Strathberry X Hyojoo

This May, Strathberry are excited to announce the launch of an exclusive capsule collection in collaboration with Korean ‘dancing’ skater Ko Hyojoo.  

After a first glimpse of her mesmerising longboard dance on social media, Strathberry envisaged a new unique project involving the talented skateboarder.

In this exclusive line, dainty floral motifs are lightly outlined on the clean silhouettes of the bags, marked by soft tones and a beautifully delicate watercolour effect. The pattern, created and hand painted by Hyojoo herself, is also printed on the base of the iconic Strathberry Midi and Nano Tote shapes taking inspiration from the urban playfulness of skateboard designs.

 The hypnotic elegance of her fluid moves and graceful twirls is translated into the Strathberry Nano Tote and Midi Tote designs to create an exclusive and unique capsule collection inspired by Hyojoo and her unconventional art. 

 Earlier this year, Hyojoo came to Scotland to work on the collaboration and meet the Strathberry team. The campaign was shot in the stunning Glencoe valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains and scenic views of the Scottish Highlands.

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